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3-P of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a growing trend and it's the key to a successful brand. So if you are planning for building a brand then make sure you must know the essence of content marketing. This helps to produce various content and content is the only king who rules over the kingdom. So it's very important to give priority to your content more than anything else.

But, have you heard about the 3P of content marketing?

If no, then let's discuss it with complete details.

Planning -

Planning is more important than execution because when you plan things properly then only you can do better. As you know that - action without a plan is nothing, so make sure you first jot down every key point during planning. It will help you to remember the arena where you have to focus more and where you need to gain experience.

The area where you have to focus during planning are -

◉ Audience -

This is a very crucial thing to remember. When you know about the people with whom you are going to serve your services or products then only you can get better results. Suppose we have to distribute the necessary stuff but we are providing it to the kind of people who already have that stuff - no hard work matters?

Focus on your niche and target audience.

◉ Objective -

Without a purpose, goal, or vision - you can not proceed longer enough. So you must have a look at your objective and ask yourself - Is this related to your thoughts?

It plays an important role to keep you on track of progress.

◉ Audit -

When you create content then make sure you must audit the stuff that you already have. The audit gives you credibility to a set of financial statements that the accounts are true and fair enough. It helps to assure your audience that they can do business with them.

◉ Formats -

Formats are mandatory ones. No one is going to read long paragraphs, right? So make sure you focus on the depth and length of the content which has a precise, clear meaning which can be understood by the audience. It should be like - what they most likely to consume and can relate to?

Production -

Production is the place where we spend lots of time to get better deals for what we should produce and why?

If you indulge yourself in the field of production then it takes lots of time, effort, and patience to get your business stuff done.

So make yourself clear with the planning process and challenges you may face in the future like pros and cons.

The area, where you have to focus during production, are -

◉ Skills -

Skills help to bring new opportunities and improve the business management process. With any kind of skill, you can do anything better for your business. Build your skills and experience to empower your brand.

◉ Recycle and reuse what you have -

During the journey of business, you may get so many many brands' content like big project reports. So to make it easy for others you can convert it into bite-sized chunks.

In this way, you can recycle what you have and reuse it to save it for wasting.

◉ Resources -

Suppose if you have to wish to watch TV shows but you don't have a TV to run shows then what is the use of thinking about it?

That's why it's necessary to accumulate all kinds of resources which you need during handling business and clients.

◉ Timing -

Time is a very precious thing so if you are hustling for business then always respect the time. Managing the time to make your business productive is a kind of skill that comes during practice. Always be punctual, sincere, and loyal with your words and time.

◉ Tone -

Do you have a nice tone? No, I am not talking about ringtone. This tone is called pitch. Try to make your tone humble and responsive so that - it can be easily understandable. Better tone attracts the clients and is effective for the ears of your audience.

Promotion -

Half of the percentage of sales done by promotion because promotion helps in increasing the rates of viewers. More viewers you have there will be more chances to get to know about the new stuff which is coming in the market. If someone finds it helpful for them then proceed for buying the same for themselves.

Most of the brands spend infinite on the promotion of any brand, product, and services. In this way, they get highlighted in front of their target audience. It also enables consumers who are seeking this new item. Promotion helps those shoppers to find the right thing for them.

Arena, where you have to focus for promotion, are -

◉ 50/50 rule -

Don't spend a lot of money on promotion only. There is no use in organizing the house party if you don't invite any guests. Try to do it half - 50% in the production like creating content and another 50% should be in the promotion. Think before you invest.

◉ Channels -

Channels are like a medium through which we do promotions. A better medium helps to boost up the growth and also unlocks the door for the target audience. Social media sites are also the best channels for promotion, through these sites you can search for all types of audiences and interact with them.

◉ Timing -

Timing is a very crucial one to understand. Suppose if you have a business audience then make sure you schedule your content and meeting according to their time of the days and night. So, analyze your business deal timing for the best proof of the work.

Conclusion -

I hope you liked the content and today our main focus was to make you understand - What is 3P of content marketing? and how can we use it in every aspect?

Content Marketing is the best ROI provider because your content needs nourishment during the time. If you know every particular area of CM then - there will be no worries in the future. Make sure you keep these three things in your mind for building a perfect brand.

Go ahead with Content Marketing.

Thank you.

Content writer - Rajni Yadav