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7 Best Strategy to grow on Social Media

Social media is the best platform where you can grow your business in a better way by promoting your products or services. As well as you can build your brand to work as an entrepreneur.

But when we talk about the growth then it becomes a very serious one because without knowing about any platform. We can't grow properly, there are some norms and conditions which we have to follow if we want to grow for a long time. So today I am going to share with you some helpful strategies through which you can grow easily.

Growth is not rocket science the only thing you required is - consistency. If you have a passion to do work consistently then no one can stop you to achieve your goals. So if you are planning to work as a brand owner, then it's priorities to do work continuously. The same strategy you have to follow here on Instagram daily like you do your workout and meals.

Let's discuss the fundamental tips for better growth on social media -

Content -

Content is a kingdom so if you have better and informative content then it becomes very easy to grow fastly on social media. So work hard to make your content information for your audience

When any visitor comes to your profile then - first of all they see your contents and when they find it better for them then only they hit the follow button. For building the best long-lasting growth then the content is a mandatory thing that you must focus on

You can also tool for finding the best content ideas -


◉ Pinterest

◉ Instagram

◉ Quora

◉ Ask for audience

Don't forget your mind too. Yes, your experience also comes under in the content. People usually prefer such kind of content which they can relate with their life. So if you have any experience during your brand building then must share it with your audience to save them from mistakes and get lessons from it.

Engagement -

Engagement - means interacting with people.

When you interact with people after posting content then you get their views - what they think about your content?

After analysis of all reviews, you can easily get to know - you are posting the right content or need some improvement.

Engagement also helps in building relationships with people. If you have a strong bond with them then it increases the chances of getting more opportunities. This is the same as with family - when you take care of each other then only you can find what they need?

Tips -

Always send welcome notes to those who come across your profile, do comment on your post and help you in any way to increase better reach. Spend some time talking with them to get more closer.

Engagement is another best way to increase the audience.

Community -

Building a community helps a lot in gaining attention. A community is a group of people of the same category, niche, and having the same work as a creator.

Community people always help you in every way - like through comments, share feedback for your work, help in making you something learn for more followers. So it plays a vital role like a family, you gain enough support for better growth.

Tips -

If you want to build relationships with community members then start commenting on their posts so that they get to know about you. Then you can send a message in DM for more interaction, be polite and humble with your words. Never say "hi" to their DMs because they will never respond due to enough messages.

Post at the right time -

No matter how much helpful content you have made, if you didn't post at the right time then you will not gain better reach from your audience. Posting all the time is not good at all but upload your content at the right time is more than enough. It will give you far better results than posting all day. When your audience will be more active then only they can see and engage with your post. Otherwise, they will miss it and you get low reach and engagement which is not good for your growth.

Try to be on time, manage your time in such a way so that you post content at the right time.

Tips -

Best Posting time on Instagram is 6-7 pm

For other social media sites check my Instagram page

Hashtags -

Hashtags are another very useful thing for finding the target audience and clients for your business. So it's very important to research them according to your niche, the better working hashtags you use on your post. There will be more chances to gain a better response by increasing followers.

There are several tools that you can also use to find hashtags but don't rely on hashtags, must check them also -

◉ Flick

◉ Hashtag generator

◉ All hashtags

◉ Ingrame

◉ Instagram

Tips -

Never use the same hashtags again and again. Hashtags must be like -

◉ Who you are?

◉ What do you offer?

◉ Who they are?

◉ How can you help?

Designing -

Designing is another crucial thing. Most of the time we buy the product due to packaging and way of presenting the things. Because designing is something very special which people like more than anything.

If you have a better profile having -

◉ Perfect Bio/introduction

◉ Better content quality including graphics

◉ Promising feed

◉ Awesome Grid

◉ Attractive professional profile picture

These all the things fascinate the interest of your audience and visitors. So make sure you focus on designing also by learning it.

You can use tools for designing better post/carousel -

◉ Canva

◉ Photoshop

◉ Adobe Illustrator

◉ Picsart

Designing not comes overnight, it needs daily practice. So have patience and keep designing.

Understanding about your niche -

It's important to remember - who is our target audience?

Knowing nothing about the niche is like a - ship without a rudder

It will never help you to reach r desired goals because your content is not going to those who need it? So it's very important to learn about the niche that - whom arena serve?

Like - if you are a seller of beauty products then the target audience will be females of age above 15 of each category.

In this way, you have found your target audience perfectly. So before doing anything else - sit down and write down about your business, goals in the future and present, target audience, the purpose for choosing them, etc.

Conclusion -

Here we have discussed the top strategy to grow on social media.

Planning is more important than executing because when we have a clear vision and mission about our goals then only we can think about the successful results.

So if you are planning to grow on social media then plan first and then apply these best strategies.

Thank you.

Content writer - Rajni Yadav