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Step by step guide to starting blogging?

Hey guys

Today we are going to tell you about the easy way to learn to blog.

As we know, the world is changing at a faster speed and it's important to make yourself strong by adopting better skills. Skills are those which come from within and gradually practicing those skills brings perfection to others.

Blogging is one of the most interesting skills through which you can earn money at home. Through this, you can generate great traffic on your website or page. Let me tell you that most of the people hire such kinds of people who are experts in generating visitors through blogging or any means. If you want to sell anything online then it's a priority to bring a large amount of traffic so that people know about your brand. Blogging is one of the best ways to bring viewers.

In any blog, you write about products or brand services and describe every detail about the company. It helps people to learn about brand products, benefits, services, through a long paragraph of writing. Most people do blogging for themselves, so at that time they have to pick up one niche of their interest. In that blog post, they talk about their niche interest topics and try to provide value through their blogs.

What is a blog in simple words?

A blog (a shortened version of “weblog”) is an online publication or informative website revealing data in setback chronological rule, with the latest posts appearing first, at the top.

Whenever a brand produces or develops any services or products then along with this one blog post appears to give a long description about that particular thing or services. It helps to get to know all the required details on one platform in infographics as well as reading format.

In every company, a content manager deals with all the blogs and written content like this. That's why it's crucial to learn about blogging and if you are good at writing. Then it is going to be a boosting career where you can self explores yourself as a blogger and you can earn enough by building a good profile.

But now the question arises - how can I start blogging?

So let's start with the whole process step by step.

How could you start blogging?

Well, this is the most asking question about how I can start blogging?

Now your hustle for this question is almost over because we are going to tell you everything in this blog post.

Step 1 - Why do you want to start?

It's very important to know what you like to do first. Your mind is like a balloon, when you open it then only it rises at high speed. In the same way when you open your mind, then only you get to know that - what are the things you must do for the betterment of yourself.

Think about your likes or interest and nurture your thoughts that - how much you know about it and how better you can do with your interest.

Self-analysis and self-examination are much crucial before starting anything. Because in every place you have to be consistent for better results and consistency is only possible if you have a burning desire towards your goal. So it's better to think about it carefully before the start.

Many bloggers in the world may be much skilled than you. So it's not possible to beat the competition overnight. When you start a blog then a lot of things require where you have to put great effort to not disappoint your audience. That's important to know that whatever things you liking the same things your audience admires too. Our things start with the minds of people and we should take care of them. We are not going to consume our thoughts, we have to deliver them to someone else. Think by keeping themselves in the shoes of your audience. It's time to find a perfect reason to start and keep hustling.

Step 2 - Choose a name for your new blog

It's a very important part to give a good name to your blog. The name must resonate with your thoughts and it should give a positive clearance to your audience. For example - if you are selling shoes and the name of your brand is based on any popular car. Then it will not be suitable for you, it may change with time but should represent your goal and vision with your brand.

Thus creativity depends on your brilliant thoughts, and the niche you belong to. Don't copy or paste the name in any way, your name reflects your strength. Your dedication and passion come up with your blog name. The more good it will be, there will be more chances to grab the attention of your audience.

Most of the people use their name just like that, they add numbers, hyphens, and homophones, etc. But do you want that - someone calls you by 12356?

I don't think so, so try to make it authentic, genuine, or at least with words. It should be easy, understandable, and precise so that people can easily remember. Sit down at one place and think about all the possible names which you like to be. Then start discarded it one by one, after that choose in good to best, surely you will get your name.

Step 3 - Get your web hosting

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting benefit that allows people and companies to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Through web hosting, you can make your website and promote your business with one single click. It gives you a feature to get rank on Google by implementing some protocols like valuable content, keyword, backlinks, and meta description like much more. When your website ranks on Google then it gets more visitors or viewers who visit your website and as a result increase traffic. An increment in traffic is directly proportional to new opportunities for earnings.

A web hosting provider gives you a lot of good features through which you can advertise your business in each corner of the world. It has all the necessary stuff which can help you to transform your business online successfully.

Now after deciding about the blog and its name. This is the time to get hosting for your blog. There are so many sites from which you can own your get web hosting like hosting, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc. Try to understand what they are offering then apply for it.

Step -4 Install WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a kind of software where we can manage our website and also write blogs.

WordPress provides several features like plugins, themes and also we can customize your website. The people who are new in the blogging field then WordPress is the best tool that suits you best.

Here you can write a lot of content, add pictures, videos, podcasts, and much more. If you are willing to check SEO friendly blogs then you can download Yoast SEO plugins. This plugin will help you to write better article related to SEO, you must know that if you want to rank on google then your blog must be 100% SEO friendly. That's why it's the best platform to help you with learning.

◉ After setting up the account on WordPress, install themes. If you want to do blogging then choose the best themes according to your niche. Astra theme is the only theme that most people prefer because we can easily customize the header and footer.

The theme gives your website a new look and features through which you can persuade the visitors.

Step 5 - It's time to provide value

Are you ready to provide value?

Yes, if you have done with building a good website then it's time to provide value in your blogs.

Whenever you start anything, the first question you must ask yourself is - Why?

If you know the answer then you are going to write your best blog post. Must think about questions that may be arising by your audience because they seeking a reason. So it's your responsibility to satisfy the doubts about your initiative.

After that - you have to write such topics that your audience always struggles with. You have to find out all the most searching topics which people mostly encounter and jot down those topics. Research those topics and find the best out of the best ideas which help them. When people encounter such types of helping ideas then they come across through your profile more often. When people find something worthy then they want to connect with you for a long time.

If you successfully bring such kind of visitors all day then no one will stop you from getting the first rank on Google which is a great deal for any blogger. So write in a good way to gain attention.

Don't you have an idea, how?

Let me tell you

◉ Write like you are talking to someone else and helps to make them learn about anything

◉ It should not be like bots, be as human

◉ Write with proper space, no errors, correct yourself with grammar

◉ Heading, subheading, fonts, highlights, bullets, and points.

◉ Good infographics with alt text

So we hope it helps. These are very important things during writing, it happens. Most of the time we do these mistakes and people become annoyed because they face trouble reading and understanding the language. Because this is a very common and unavoidable mistake. Always remember when people face trouble from you then it is a bad sign. So try to implement these tips in the blog and make them happy.

Step 6 - Jot down your fans community lists

After publishing your blog, you may have seen some people who like your work. Everywhere they visit and support you by commenting on your working stuff. So it's your responsibility to build a good relationship with them. These fan communities are the real base of your business pillar.

When people like someone then they recommend that person to those places where there is a need. In this way, most people know about you by visiting your profile. This increases the chances of getting popular enough. When we build a community then we can see a lot of people same like us. Through these people we learn, grow, and develop because some are experts who give you suggestions for your work. On the other hand, some are a newbie so you can help them and support them to grow up. When we engage with people, other people also get to know about each member of the family who gradually knows you. The more they know, the more viewers come to your profile which can help in more opportunities for our work.

So try to build your community and fanbase and provide great value by offering some good stuff each year or month. In this way, they will never forget you, make a family member and take care of them.

Step 7 Monetize your blog

Now it's time to monetize your blog.

No one starts anything for free, every person wishes to get earnings for their work.

You must be aware that - blogging is the best source of earning. Write your blog and publish it on each social media site and get traffic through it or may upload it on your website.

Publishing on social media is the best way to make it monetize because there are a lot of people who are hustling for better stuff and if you are ready to help them by providing value on your blog. Then it's like a dream comes true for the audience.

So it's time to start your social media account by advertising your blog.

Conclusion -

Here we have talked about how can we earn through blogging.

Blogging is another best way of monetization. So if you have good writing skills and you can produce better ideas in any situation then you are best to suit for it. Every person needs a blogger because a blog with all the important stuff is enough to generate traffic. The more people visit your website there will be new doors that open to opportunities.

That's why a blogger is also responsible for generating the growth of the business. It has a wide scope, you can earn for yourself by your clients, similarly, you can work in any firm and help them to grow.

It's very important to be independent by earning through themselves and if you have skills then there are lots of ways to earn for yourself. The world is going digitally and everywhere money is spread the only thing you have to do is - collect it.

People are everywhere, provide valuable stuff and get money easily.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead.