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How to start a brand with writing?

Hey guys

Hope you are doing well, today I am here to tell you about how to start a brand with writing?

How did I start my brand?

If I talk about me then I had started in 2020 during the lockdown. I was doing a digital marketing course and from where got to know about blogging. Then I find it more easy and interesting which can be handled by me. So I have started blogging and through writing, I got to know that - yes, I can do much better with writing, let's explore more.

Then during blogging times, I met with two people having one brand which they are continuously running now. They offer me a job as a content writer. From that day I replace my name as a Content writer and along with them, I learn about content marketing by following people on social media especially Instagram. I have seen a lot of big creators having great brands and they are monetizing it too perfectly. With such things, I got inspired and think about exploring my skills too.

In September 2020, I had started my first post with a content marketing brand on Instagram.

I have gained so much experience by working with Indian as well as international clients. And learning a lot from successful brands.

I was also the same one as you are today.

When someone says to me in old times - Will you start a business?

My answer was - No, it requires lots of money and other stuff.

But if you asked me today then my answer is - Yes, you can start your brand with zero money.

If you have skills and you can do much better for providing values, services then you can start your own with good internet, mobile phone/laptop, etc. There is no need to go outside for building and other things.

Nowadays everything is getting on digital. So why can't you start with your skills?

What does a brand require?

A brand requires consistency, hard work, enthusiasm, confidence, and patience. If you have these things then you can monetize them perfectly.

Like in lockdown most of the people earn certificates for different types of required or interesting capabilities some in technical or some in other. So if you want to be a master of it then start gaining experience by building a brand. Through this people will know about you and your skills on which you are master and they provide you work. With this work, you may know yourself better than - Are you better at these skills or you need more improvements?

Yes, it's a perfect way to learn more by doing things practically. When we get clients then we got to know that - What they need from us?

Or, how could be they impress by our work?

We gradually learn about the Interest and what industry required from us.

In this way, you learn and grow with your brand with zero investments.

When I had started and started getting clients then I realized that - nothing is better than starting a brand. You can easily earn at home, and this will increase your confidence, learning ability, client interaction, communication, and knowledge. With such things, you can grow a lot more by spending time on yourself.

I am grateful for the lockdown which had given me a chance to self-analyze myself and brought this opportunity. Because it's a better thing than do 9-5 hours in a job.

Through the brand, you can be your boss. Wasting time on any job can't give you enough satisfaction than spending time with your brand. You can earn more than a job in just spending a few hours.

Still, confused?

Okay no worries

Start with your social media accounts

If you have done master skills then it's time to change your account from personal to professional one on social media.

Why social media?

Because it is the only platform where people spend that of the titimend if you show up yourself in front of them then they easily get to know about you and your skills. It's the best way to learn about branding by interacting with new people all around the world. And this is only possible on social media sites.

So go for it without any hesitation because people usually think that social media is a waste of time but no it's not. Depends on you how you utilized it. In my opinion, it is a "hub of knowledge".


Build a community of your niche

Niche means people who work based on your interest. Some may be successful and some are still hustling but both can teach you their experience with their interest. Make a healthy relationship with them and grow by learning together


Show up yourself -

If you have learned after observing and analysis then go exploring more by showing your face. Teach others, provide valuable tips, and help them to see light surround the dark. This will increase your chances of getting popular and recognition among people. It is the best way to grow but always finds the purpose of showing up. You can't take your brand lightly because it will drown your image.

Build a portfolio -

Whenever we find any client, then the first question is - provide the best work of yours?

At that time, you have the chance to attract and impress by having a good profile, it may be a website, landing page, or anything in which you're all the work, education lies there. By such things, people recognized that - how much dedicated you are along with your brand. And help them to learn more about you by observing all the things. So try to build one portfolio for showing up the work.

Keep learning, plan the right strategy and execute it ...that's the way of life.

Conclusion -

" Always aim the moon, no matters if you fail you will be among stars ".

Be grateful for what you have, start your journey now. Your brand will give you everything if you provide value to others. The more you live your brand the more chances that it will become the resource of livelihood. Be your boss, don't follow others.

Don't regret that - you didn't start. Now you have time and resources then bring all the potential and jump over it with full dedication. Only your action in the present helps to find a better future for you.

Thank you.