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The day I realized my secret capabilities

Hey guys

Today I am going to share about my experience of life - how an engineer-based graduated girl has chosen the content writing field?

If you want to start anything in life then there is nothing required - the only thing necessary is your motivation and initiatives to proceed with your decision. Everyone knows what are the pros and cons of a particular thing but - when it comes to our interest then perception changes over it.

Life gives so many chances to hit and try but it's essential to choose the right thing at the right time. When you choose the right thing then it's time to take action and get started. Don't need to wait for anything or any special day because if this time will go then it's very hard to set things back.

I was also in the sixth semester when lockdown happened in March 2019. Everyone was in depression and anxiety - what will happen this year? Same I was too thinking about it but never feel depressing or something because I feel like - let it be, it will soon change with the time. Just wait for it!

Then in March, two months passed but I didn't do anything. The only thing I had done was - fun, consuming, and sleeping, etc. Because I don't care about anything at that time, but then after June I thought I must learn something new which enhanced my personality and utilized my time. Then at that time - I encountered an Online Digital Marketing class free of cost. I suddenly joined it and started learning every day and there I learned about blogging which makes me feel interesting. Then I have made one account on WordPress for blogs and started doing it with keen interest.

Then I realized that -

◉ It's important to indulge yourself in learning about anything interesting for you.

◉ Taking action over opportunity is super essential to improve yourself.

◉ Know about yourself that in which things you are better at is much crucial than thinking about others.

◉ Build a network - network with people helps to understand that - what are the current skills are going on in the market and on which things you must bring expertise or how can you make yourself capable to conquer the world.

◉ Your surrounding with good positive people is vital to make your mind calm, relaxed and enthusiastic.

◉ Learn from those who are best at your field, the more you learn the more confidence you bring in your face which influences others in unexpected ways.

◉ Don't hesitate to jump over another field from the present one. Yeah, it's not necessary that if I am an engineer then I can't do copywriting. If I have an interest in this field then I can perform with no boundaries. Knowledge is a big ocean and it never stops anyone to dive over it. So why do you set your boundaries for any particular arena?

Open your wings and fly high where you wanna go.

◉ It's okay to make mistakes, it's fine to achieve failures in life because this is a part of your life. No one can do things for the first time, everyone needs a lot of time to bring expertise in a particular area. So have patience, be confident in yourself and trust the process. Most of the great people had said that - failure makes you learn more things than success so it's very special to get failures because you will learn 10 times more things.

Keep it up and run for more.

◉ Motivation is necessary for consistent work. Like if you want to do exercise then on the first day you will do with more energy, the second day the same but less than the first time, and after the fourth day - you become lazy and clumsy that it's not working let the s move to the bed. At that time, you need the motivation to rejuvenate yourself and bring enough energy to make yourself ready for the next ten days.

◉ Be healthy and think positive - this is my best quote ever because I had never eaten any wrong for many years and till now I follow the same healthy routine for my health. When you will be healthy then only you can think better and can do much productive work. Similarly, if you will think positively then optimistic vibes always increase the level of energy in your body. Keep thinking positive and start taking a healthy diet to be active and strong.

◉ Never wait for opportunities - yes it's necessary to make yourself capable enough that - people ask yourself for new opportunities. When I had started blogging then after six months I have experienced clients as well as my brand which has given me enough confidence to boost up my potential for the next alternative. Lockdown was a gift box for those who had to utilize their time in themselves for their future. But those who missed it - are still worried about it.

From the day I started my blogging, I got enough reviews which make me full of motivation. Then one day I realized that - during primary classes, there was one competition where I have to write one essay. On that day I had written by myself and got full marks on my writing skills. I thought - Is it my secret skills?

Then I had started to write more and more to enhance myself in this field. Gradually I developed my brand on this skill writing, I got several clients who joined my hands to work for them in their company. Also several testimonials and feedback, still it continues in the present time as well.

Skills are very important to bring a new life in you - sit down and meditate on that - since birth which makes your inner soul happy and satisfying. After some time you will surely get your masterpieces of abilities which help you to make your future growth in a better way.

Conclusion -

Today I am owning my brand with the name - therajniyadav on Instagram ( )

Also, I am doing content writing with the online personal brand name Searckey Marketing and Media ( )

From March, now I can say this - so why can't you?

Everything is possible. The only thing you need is burning desire, passion, and strong motivation. Listen, don't wait for tomorrow, do it today, this time will never come back so don't waste it in any manner. Stop overthinking, take action on your words.

Thank you.

Content writer - Rajni Yadav